Luggage & Carry Handle
Manufacture luggage handle, plastic handle, carry handle, bag accessory in China and Taiwan

plastic handle
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     Our products include variety of eyelets, magnetic button, bag buckle, plastic fastener, carabiner, ball chain, key chain, plastic handle, snap fastener, rivets and purse frame etc,. We are professional hardware manufacturer in China and Taiwan and provide you high quality of products and sale service quickly

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Color Chart

Bag Frame

-------- Button --------

Metal Snap Button

Prong Snap Button

Plastic Snap Button

Fastener Button

Magnetic Button

Ornament Button

Jeans Button

------ Fastener ------

Rivet Fastener

Eyelet & Grommet

Fastening Machine

-------- Hooks --------

Gift Carabiner

Metal Snap Hook

Plastic Snap Hook

-------- Buckle --------

Release Buckle

Plastic Buckle

Adjust Buckle

--------- Clips ---------

Badge Clip

Swing Grip Clip

Ring Binder Series

--- Slide & Loops ---

Zinc Slide

Plastic D-Ring

Plastic Tri-Glide

Shoulder Pad & Stud

Cord Lock & Stoppers

Steel Wire Accessory

Steel Plate Accessory

------ Others ------

Mobile Phone Strap

Key Chain & Holder

Plastic Handle

Book Corner

Ball Chain

Bag Lock

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Luggage handle 、Carry handle  

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Carry Handle Bag handle Bag handle luggage handle
C124 - Carry Handle
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C405A - Luggage Handle 
L135 x H115mm (Thick)
C405B - Luggage Handle 
L130 x H118mm (Thin)

C511 - Luggage Handle 
L130 x H80mm

luggage handle luggage handle luggage handle luggage handle

C512 - Luggage Handle 
L140 x H73mm

C520A - L127 x H60mm
C520B - L138 x H70mm

C528A - L110 x H45mm
C528B - L100 x H45mm

C4050 - Carry Handle
L140 x H65mm
luggage handle luggage handle luggage handle luggage handle
C4405 - Luggage Handle 
L122 x H42mm
C6405 - Carry Handle  
L135 x H62mm
C7405 - Luggage Handle 
L175 x H45mm
C9405 - Carry Handle  
L120 x H45mm
luggage handle luggage handle plastic handle plastic handle
C9406 - Carry Handle   
L118 x H45mm
C9407 - Carry Handle
L115 x H45mm
P613 - Carry Handle
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P614 - Carry Handle
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luggage handle luggage handle luggage handle carry handle
P615 - Carry Handle
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YB702 - L246 x H55mm
YB703 - L255 x H65mm
C905 -L165 x H60mm
C906 -L125 x H60mm
D135 Carry Handle
L275mm x W7mm
carry handle carry handle carry handle luggage handle
D135B Carry Handle
L290mm x W7mm
D116 Carry Handle
L315 x W10mm
D117 Carry Handle
L315 x W12.5mm
C3405 - Carry Handle  
L120 x H68mm
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